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A plus 1002 Sub-objective 4.2

A plus 1002 Sub-objective 4.2 – Given a scenario, implement basic change management best practices.

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Welcome to ExamNotes by Dumps4shared! This edition will cover 220-1002 Objective 4.2 Given a scenario, implement basic change management best practices. Enjoy!

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Documented business processes

Best practices are supported by the network topology diagram
and asset tracking which are both covered in Objective 4.1. There’s more to it
as you will see.

It’s always good to know why something is being done, especially in business. When documentation needs to be changed, a formal change request process needs to be followed. This process can be as simple as obtaining management approval. However, for a complex change that would have an associated risk, the change request will be submitted to a change advisory board (CAB). The change board will authorize, prioritize, and schedule the change. Once authorized, the change can be sent to the parties responsible for change management for approval. If approved, the change plan can be initiated. The change request must outline clearly what needs to be done.

Scope of change

When defining the scope of change, clearly outline in the
change plan individual responsibilities for planning, implementation, and
support. Address the key components, what skill sets and activities will be
required, the parties participating, and most importantly, the success metrics
for the change.

Risk analysis

A risk analysis should be performed in order to preemptively
address potential problems before they occur. The goal is to determine the
likelihood and impact of each problem and have a response plan in place that can
address it.

Backout plan

A solid backout plan should be created in order to offset a
worst-case scenario. Devise a plan in order to be able to revert to the
pre-change state. All the activity and responsibilities for the backout should
be clearly addressed and defined before undertaking the change.

End-user acceptance

Remember that you are working for the end-user. Let them
know why you are making a change and what the benefits are. Here is an excerpt
from an email we received from our bank outlining a change to their online
banking system:

“We recently upgraded our Online/Mobile Banking system. One
of the primary reasons we converted to the new platform is to improve our
Mobile App experience. Our NEW Mobile App gives you the full ‘mybank’ Online
Banking experience, not just a couple of features. View account balances, pay
bills, transfer money, deposit checks, apply for a loan, and more from the
convenience of your mobile device. To learn more and view all of the
enhancements the new system provides, visit our Online and Mobile Banking
Resource Center and let us know what you think.” 

Document changes

When executing a change plan, it is crucial that detailed documentation is maintained. This documentation must be updated throughout the process. Verbal modifications should never be a part of the change management process. Well, that’s all for 4.2! Pretty painless right? Keep up the good work!

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See you in 4.3. Good luck on the test!

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